Your support of the Senator Gwendolyn Britt Portrait Project is an opportunity to honor a model public servant, a humble leader, and an agent of dramatic change whose commitment to justice is notable not just for Maryland, but for the entire country. 

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Gwendolyn Britt: A Civil Rights Legend

The late Gwendolyn Britt of Prince George's County was the definition of a hero.  From Freedom Rider to State Senator, she committed her whole life to making the world a more just, more equitable place for everyone. Please join us in honoring her legacy through the Senator Gwendolyn Britt Portrait Project.  

Warm. Caring. Honorable. Principled. Active. Fair-minded. Honest. Hard-working. Dedicated. Kind. Respected. Guided By Purpose.

These are the words used by Maryland's political community to describe Gwendolyn Britt. Five and a half years after her death, she is sorely missed by so many, but her spirit is very much still with us. With your help, her spirit will live on.

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