The late Gwendolyn Britt of Prince George's County was the definition of a hero.  From Freedom Rider to State Senator, she committed her whole life to making the world a more just, more equitable place for everyone. Please join us in honoring her legacy through the Senator Gwendolyn Britt Portrait Project.  

Gwendolyn Britt: A Civil Rights Legend

Your support of the Senator Gwendolyn Britt Portrait Project is an opportunity to honor a model public servant, a humble leader, and an agent of dramatic change whose commitment to justice is notable not just for Maryland, but for the entire country. 

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Our country has a long history of memorializing and celebrating the tireless dedication and work of important individuals by commemorating their service with a portrait in state houses, academic buildings, and museums. Portraiture is an emotional and uniquely personal art form--an opportunity to express and capture the essence of an individual. We seek to do just that for Gwendolyn Britt.

Imagine a group of schoolchildren visiting Annapolis: As is so often the case, the portraits which line the wall are representative of the white men who have served the public honorably for the past 250 years. The Senator Gwendolyn Britt Portrait Projectholds extra significance because it is an opportunity to lift up Gwendolyn Britt not just as a public servant, but as a woman, an African American, a Freedom Rider, and a justice-seeker who made momentous contributions to society. She is an example for all, and her portrait, residing among Maryland's foremost leaders who came before her, will be an inspiration to countless young people.

Senate President Mike Miller has agreed to hang this portrait in one of Maryland's senate office buildings, but the General Assembly does not have money allocated to fund The Senator Gwendolyn Britt Portrait Project, so it is up to our communities to raise the funds necessary to ensure Gwendolyn Britt has a place in the halls of Maryland history. We are relying on legislators, constituents, non-profit organizations, and others who are touched by her legacy to help us raise the $18,000 necessary to make this tribute possible.



Warm. Caring. Honorable. Principled. Active. Fair-minded. Honest. Hard-working. Dedicated. Kind. Respected. Guided By Purpose.

These are the words used by Maryland's political community to describe Gwendolyn Britt. Five and a half years after her death, she is sorely missed by so many, but her spirit is very much still with us. With your help, her spirit will live on.

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